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About Us

Hunter’s Chest was founded by a husband and wife police Sergeant duo who felt a calling to help children victimized by crime.

After years of seeing families and children affected by theft, domestic violence,  and various crimes, their desire to do more to help led to them bring toys, snacks, and necessities to their station. Hunter’s Chest was named after their eldest son, Hunter, who at the young age of two, agreed to share his toys with the children who needed them.

The first Hunter’s Chest was placed at Central Station in San Francisco. Today, over twenty police stations offer the support and comfort of Hunter’s Chest to the children in their care.

"Toys for the kids that need them." - Hunter Jones

Our Mission

Toys for the kids that need them.

We are proud members of the San Francisco Police Department who provide toys, snacks, and necessities to children who are victimized by crime.

We empower police officers to offer a sense of comfort and support to children in times of crisis by providing them with a Hunter’s Chest at their station.

Hunter's brother, Gunner!

Our Vision

We envision police officers in our community offering the comfort of Hunter’s Chest to every child who enters their care.

We give law enforcement an easy and convenient way to help families and children in times of crisis, and empower them to build stronger relationships within their community.

Our volunteer opportunities unite the public and law enforcement officers with the common goal of providing support and comfort to children when they need it most.



  • Almost 40% of American children were direct victims of two or more violent acts, and one in ten were victims of violence five or more times.

  • Children are more likely to be exposed to violence and crime than adults.

  • 60% of American children were exposed to violence, crime, or abuse in their homes, schools, and communities.

  • A national study found that witnessing violence was a common occurrence for children, particularly as they grew older.

  • Overall, more than one-quarter of children surveyed (25%) had witnessed violence in their homes, schools, and communities during the past year

    Source:  National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Help kids in your community. Support Hunter's Chest!

Hunter's Chest

San Francisco, CA

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